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The East End church is a close-knit bunch of broken people who love God and each other.

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We’re so thrilled you’ve decided to worship with us! Things get started at 10:00am (local time) with a riveting Bible class. First we sing a few songs and then pray, after which the kids go to their individual rooms. The adult class is about 40 minutes long. Feel free to ask any questions or make comments. In fact, we insist that you do! The greater the participation, the better the discussion and the learning. After Bible class ends, there’s a small break for about five minutes or so. During this time the kids rejoin the main group, we greet each other and get settled for worship service. Are your kids joining you for worship? Chances are one of our little greeters will happily make friends with and sit next to your child. 


Here’s the main event! Our song leader will lead us in some beautiful songs. We’re a small group but man we sound good! We really, really enjoy our singing; you should hear the kids! You’ll notice we don’t use any instrument except our voices. That’s because we pattern the practices of the New Testament church in the Bible and they did the same. If you have more questions about this, we’ll be happy to answer them after service. For now, we’ll hope you’ll join your voice with ours as we sing praises to God.The singing will break at different intervals for prayer, the Lord’s Supper and the giving of financial gifts. We do these things every Sunday, again, because they were a part of New Testament worship, according to the Bible. The Lord’s Supper and the giving are obligations of Christians. So don’t worry – if you’re not yet a part of the body of Christ, there’s no obligation on you to do either.


Once this part of our worship has been concluded, it will be time for the message. You’ll hear nothing but the truth, according to God’s holy word. And not to worry – our preacher isn’t gonna yell, dance or use strange language you don’t understand. He’ll deliver a simple, compelling message, based solely on biblical teachings. Got questions? He’ll be more than happy to answer them once service has been concluded. 


After service, we take prayer requests and make announcements. So go ahead – let us know if you want us to pray for you or a loved one. Pay attention to the announcements too – we usually have something interesting on the horizon. Plus, you’re likely to receive a warm welcome from the pulpit. When it’s all over, friendly, smiling members will come over and greet you in person. Don’t be shy; it’s okay if you’re a hugger. We might ask for your contact info just so we can invite you to join us for future events, or to say hello. We won’t bombard you with unsolicited anything. We hope you won’t mind sharing that with us.


And that’s just about it! We hope when you depart from us it will be after an enriching experience and with a strong desire to return.